Standalone bonuses unfairly denied? You can apply again to INPS


Autonomous bonuses, those who have been unfairly excluded can apply again to INPS: here's how

The strange story of the engineer Roberto Testa is similar to those of many other citizens excluded from the bonus for autonomous and professionals, despite having the right. Owner of a small company and resident in the province of Pescara, he has all the titles to ask for the allowance, already from that relating to the month of March: but so far he has not seen a euro. Worse. He ended up in an apparently dead-end maze, victim of a Kafkaesque situation.

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He himself summarizes his story: «On July 17, 2019 I opened my company, the TR Energy Group, as the sole partner and director, and as a result of this I enrolled in the INPS, requesting the cancellation to Inarcassa, the fund for architects and engineers to which I was previously registered “. Last month the engineer presented to theINPS the demand for the 600 euros. For the pension institution, however, the man is still registered with Inarcassa – and was therefore invited to request the bonus from the latter, as required by law. But in Inarcassa the cancellation actually occurred and therefore cannot proceed with the disbursement.

How do you get out of it? Mr. Testa’s question got stuck, probably due to the too long updating times of the INPS database. In addition to the Umbrian engineer, other potential candidates find themselves in a similar situation. So much so that the pension institution has had to run for cover and is preparing to activate an ad hoc procedure to allow those who have been unfairly excluded from the benefit of obtaining a re-examination of the application in order to be compensated already in June.

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Inps earlier this month announced that it had received 4,772,178 applications for the € 600 bonus in April, of which over 1.1 million were rejected. It is likely that thousands of taxpayers left out will ask for their application to be reviewed in the coming days. Roberto Testa will certainly do it: «I found myself in a situation to say the least paradoxical, I am counting on being able to collect the amount that was promised to me by the beginning of summer».

It’s still. «This money is up to me as it is to the many other people who have had to undergo the same treatment that was reserved for me. In addition to having to face Covid-19 and the health and economic emergency that arose, we found ourselves getting stuck in the cogs of bureaucracy ». “If not even with the review of the application I will get justice then I will have to proceed through a legal action,” continues the engineer. Numerous professionals previously enrolled in other private funds were also rejected by the institution. The message from the pension institution, which is currently being published, will explain to them how to request a review of the application. Hopefully it won’t be too long.

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