Stadium in Campi, turning close. New inspection of Fiorentina with the owners


Yesterday the last interview with the Casini family. Fiorentina towards the “yes” for the stadium outside the Municipality of Florence

Meetings, inspections, cards on the table but above all rigorous silence: Campi Bisenzio seems to be ever closer to hosting the new Fiorentina stadium. How he writes The nation, the purple company would have accelerated the practice to build the new house outside the borders of the Municipality of Florence and in recent days has intensified contacts with the Casini family, owners of the land along Viale Allende. Yesterday morning the last interview at the Alma Spa headquarters: the newspaper reports of a cordial meeting with a lot of agreement on the table, ready to be signed. In parallel, contacts also continue with the mayor Emiliano Fossi – esteemed in the purple environment and in excellent relationships with Joe Barone – which in the Region has already communicated the change of destination of the 38 hectares of the area from “urban park” to “equipment of metropolitan interest”. And the times? In the last meetings in the architect Casamonti’s office, there was talk mainly of the increase in traffic in the area, so it takes 12-15 months from the presentation of the project. And the Municipality is ready to redesign the viale Allende area, as well as to request the extension of the T4 tramway to Villa Montalvo.

Fiorentina need a stadium in line with the times




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