Stadio Fiorentina, Commisso ready to launch ultimatum in Florence: Campi Bisenzio option. Nardella is not there: “Unacceptable bureaucracy”


The message sent to the institutional headquarters, Common is Supervision of Florence, it’s clear: “Patience is over”, the president of Fiorentina has been repeating for weeks, Rocco Commisso, who bought the purple company just a year ago. And the theme is the same that has led the family for at least ten years Of the valley first to detach from society and then to sell it: the new stadium. Between projects that do not convince and red tape, the Italian-American tycoon understood that it is time to pull the rope and come up with a solution. What if it doesn’t? Commisso, as anticipated by Corriere Fiorentino, it could even take a sensational step back after only one year of presidency. In the next few days the patron will publicly intervene to launch a ultimatum to city institutions with, at the moment, the support of the purple fans: “We are with Rocco, they are making fun of him,” he said on Monday Viola Club Coordination Center. The patron lily, meanwhile, returns to having contact with the mayor of Campi Bisenzio probing the opportunity of a stadium outside Florence. But the first Florentine citizen, Dario Nardella, there is no point and points the finger at the superintendency that brakes on a full-bodied restyling of Artemio Franchi: “The constraints are unacceptable”.

The tycoon of Marina of Goiosa Ionica and the general manager Joe Barone they have long been convinced that the only way to aspire to top positions must go from a new plant owned by the model of that of the rival Juventus. And to do it, Commisso imposed three conditions to the Municipality of Florence: fast times for the approval of the regulations, end of works by 2023, “reasonable” costs is autonomy in the construction and management project.

Mercafir project nuanced – The original hypothesis of building a new plant in the area occupied by Florence Fruit and Vegetable Market (Mercafir), north-west of the city, today it has completely faded. The idea and the project date back to 2008, when Andrea and Diego Della Valle presented the project of the “Purple Citadel” (not only the stadium, but also restaurants, museums, playground) and after four years the then mayor of Florence, Matteo Renzi, had identified in Mercafir the right area for the new plant. But after twelve years – due to the lack of political will and the difficulty of finding another place for the fruit and vegetable market – nothing has ever been done. Until last September, when the arrival of Commisso had given a new push to the Municipality. The announcement of Palazzo Vecchio published in January, Fiorentina bought for 22 million the area and then built the stadium in four years, after 24 months to clear the area. But Commisso in early March announced that Fiorentina would not participate in the tender because the three initial conditions would not be met. The project is therefore blurred: “The idea of ​​the new stadium at Mercafir seems to me dead,” said Renzi a few days ago.

The new Franks – The other option would be to make a makeover of the current stadium, theArtemio Franchi, which in just 30 months would lead toabatement of the two curves to bring them closer to the pitch and create space for commercial buildings and other non-sporting activities that can finance society. But the superintendency has repeatedly said “no” to this architect’s project too Marco Casamonti, as the Franks is subject to the constraint of artistic heritage. To overcome this veto, we witnessed one over the weekend internal clash in the Democratic Party. The Florentine senator, Rosa Maria Di Giorgi, he defined that the killing of the two curves “an excellent idea” and al Tg3 Tuscany he said, according to his agreement with the minister Dario Franceschini, a rule in the next simplification decree to demolish, rebuild or restructure parts of bound stadiums that are not essential elements to the identity of the project. But shortly afterwards the denial came directly from Franceschini: “I am amazed – he said – I have never given my assent and I have many doubts in general about the weakening of the historical-artistic heritage”.

Last solution: stadium outside Florence – The last remaining solution, which convinces the purple property more and more, would be to bring the new stadium out of Florence, to the nearby Campi Bisenzio. Mayor Emiliano Fossi he has been inviting Commisso for months to consider this and contacts between the two have become very frequent: the President would have convinced himself that this is now theonly solution left. To do this, a agreement between private individuals for the 38 hectares of land at a cost that would be around between 5 and 7 million. “Within a year we could start with the works,” says the mayor of Campi Bisenzio. It would be a whammy for Nardella that in fact on Tuesday tried to relaunch the proposal to demolish part of the Franchi: “The constraints are unacceptable – said the first citizen – I am with those who want to invest in the city, first the Della Valle and now Commisso “. But the President does not necessarily have the same idea.

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