Stadio a Campi – Commisso and the parochial obstacle. Does the assist come from where you don’t expect?


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These are hot days at Fiorentina, and not only because of the summer weather in which the players will have to play the remaining days at the end of the season. The topic that has become hot again concerns the story / soap opera of the new stadium, although we must remember it in the absence of official statements from the purple club. We learned about the thought of Rocco Commisso in this matter, which at every occasion reiterates the firm points of the project, on which it is not willing to settle. In these days, rumors have followed from the United States that the patron would be greatly annoyed by the climate of declarations and denials around the fate of theArtemio Franchi; opinions that go beyond the will of the owner of Fiorentina, indeed seem rather to override it. And if the first citizen is also dragged into the scuffle Dario Nardella, who should be the main ally for the success of the project, it is understandable that Commisso may have reached the limit of endurance.

Fields: final tack?

This is confirmed by the news that would like a decisive acceleration on the Campi Bisenzio hypothesis by the purple Sherpas. Operation orchestrated by the same Joe Barone who actually never interrupted the talk with the mayor of the city of Campania, Emiliano Fossi. A “third way” that in today’s newspapers is described as a project, never as close to materializing today, at least for the phases embryonic of gestation, which has now become elephantine. It should be read in this sense the option that Fiorentina would have reserved on the land of the Casini family: not a move to put the Nardella administration under pressure, but a precise declaration of intent. Commisso has decided and the feeling is that he won’t wait the new deadline of the Mercafir call to dissolve the reserve, with an official press release.

Milan, Bologna and now Pisa: Florence cannot stay on the stake

Commisso is in a hurry: we all know the motto “fast fast fast”. All the more so when the news – net of amendments heralded and disavowed by the political family itself – tells of great movements on infrastructures and facilities involving numerous sports clubs. After the green light to the demolition of the Milan’s “Meazza” stadium and Bologna’s progress with the restoration of the “Dall”Today’s news is on the list, a Tuscan team also joins: Pisa (READ). Times therefore seem ripe throughout Italy: Florence – as confirmed today by Confindustria Toscana – cannot afford to stand by and watch. If for no other reason than for a renewed parochialism, which for once is a stimulus and does not also constitute an obstacle.

Campi Bisenzio: this is the area for the possible new Fiorentina stadium

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