“Spots on the skin? Covid-19 spy before it occurs”: the Italian study


The skin can be an indicator of Covid-19 infection: to say it is an Italian study just published in Acta dermatologica, American Journal Dermatopathology and Journal of Dermatological Science. The team of researchers from the Dermatology Clinic of the University of Milan analyzed the skin tissues during the various stages of the disease from Covid 19, coming to the conclusion that the state of our skin can be a wake-up call. At Corriere della Sera, the dermopathologist Raffaele Gianotti, one of the authors of the report, explains the relevance of what has been observed:

“The skin can be a” spy “of the ongoing infection that has not yet occurred but can also appear during the full-blown stage of the disease. In the majority of adults the spots on the skin disappear in a short time together with the virus while the most dangerous skin lesions occur in patients admitted to intensive care with serious damage to the lungs and kidneys. On the other hand, children can have bright red lesions on their toes without showing the slightest systemic signs of the infection. “

According to the professor, the virus is “sneaky” because it manifests itself with the characteristics of common skin diseases such as urticaria or rash, that is, with a generalized redness of the skin. By observing the skin well, however, it is possible to measure the severity of the infection.

«In 95% of cases the skin is a” thermometer “that warns of a probable viral attack taking place. We see every day under the microscope skin diseases in asymptomatic patients for pneumonia and fever who unequivocally show the Covid brand “.

So when should I worry?

“If you get acne, don’t think you’re infected. If instead you have a fever, cough and red spots on the skin, go to the dermatologist immediately ».

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