Special Friends, Gaia Gozzi in tears. “This is plagiarism”, the live joke ends badly – Libero Quotidiano


Frost minutes ad Special friends, with Gaia Gozzi accused of live plagiarism. The young singer winner of the latest edition of Friends assists petrified and then bewildered to mount the case on his unpublished Chega, except to find out that it was a sadistic joke orchestrated by Maria De Filippi and by the authors of the talent.

A phantom speaker of Radio Tin Tin she is called upon by Maria to comment on Gaia’s performance on Coco Chanel. The actress starts slowly: “She manages to be extraordinary both on original pieces like this and on covers as she has been with Chega“. Gaia is stunned and explains that it is an original song.” It’s a little embarrassing – says the fake speaker – but when you take a base from another song and sing on it it’s still a cover. If it’s not a cover it’s a plagiarism“” I would like to have more evidence – Gaia defends herself at that point, more and more stunned -, it seems absurd to me. I decided to write my project without reference. It all came out of me. So such a statement if proven makes me think absolutely. I am very calm because I wrote everything myself. It seems absurd to me“.

But his certainties seem to wobble and the blow and response between accusations and defense becomes tight: “You have been enough smart, you used the Brazilian to cover up this resemblance “,” Don’t blame me for things I haven’t done. “It comes to the climax, the audio test. The direction airs the copied fake song, I haven’t seen it for a long time, a parody that immediately makes Gaia and her fans breathe a sigh of relief: “I’m sick. Don’t do these things to me. I’ve lost ten years of life”, she lets out her sobs after a liberating cry.

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