‘Special Friends’, announce important news in view of the semifinal: that’s what it is!


News in sight for the semifinal of Special friends aired tomorrow evening on Channel 5. A video appeared on the profile Instagram of the talent show of Maria De Filippi has, in fact, anticipated important choices – in view of tomorrow’s race – for two competitors, Alberto Urso is Alessio Gaudino.

The professional dancer Giulia Pauselli read a press release to the two artists, revealing: “You are the two champions of the first two episodes. The next will be the semifinal and the four finalists will be determined. Being champions of the first two bets from regulation gives you the right to choose who will perform both for your team and for the opposing team. He chooses first who among the two of you who got the highest score from the jury during the first bets during the betting “.

Therefore being i winners of the first two episodes of the program, Alessio is Alberto they have the right to decide the challenges we will see airing tomorrow evening. The right to choose first is of Urso (just because won with a higher jury score than the dancer) who has decided to line himself up against Random, Irama versus Gaia Gozzi is Javier Rojas versus Andreas Muller. While Gaudino opted to compare Michele Bravi is Umberto Gaudino, Giordana Angi is Gabriele Esposito and himself with Stash & The Kolors.

“I am convinced that it will be a beautiful show. Don’t forget why you perform on stage. There will certainly be a minimum of competition, but healthy. And the desire to make a beautiful show. Good luck and split like you can do ” he concluded Giulia.

Appointment, therefore, tomorrow evening for the semifinal of Special friends that will take us to know the 4 finalists of the show! Who are you for?

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