Spain, after two months of lockdown the donkey recognizes the master: the man does not hold back tears – Repubblica TV


There are beautiful stories of reunions after the relaxation of restrictions for coronaviruses. One, different from the others, has particularly moved the world, the one between Ismael Fernández and Baldomera, the beloved family donkey. The videos of the couple who finds themselves after being separated for two months from the rigorous Spanish block have been shared on social media, newspapers and TV. On May 18, Fernández, who lives in Málaga, took advantage of the slack in Andalusia to go to his hometown of El Borge and see Baldomera. He feared that Baldo – as the animal is nicknamed – would not remember him after an eight-week separation. It was not so.

curated by Katia Riccardi

Video: Facebook / Ismael Fernandez

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