Spadafora: ‘Serie A, 13 and 20 June the two dates for the second half. May 28 final decision. ‘ Then it opens to free matches, on women among the pros … | First page


Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora spoke to Rai 3 of the latest updates on the resumption of the championship: “The two possible dates for Serie A are 13 and 20 June. A few minutes ago the FIGC protocol for the resumption of the championship arrived, it is similar to that of training. On May 28 we will decide everything in the meeting with the FIGC and the League “.CLEAR MATCHES – “Matches visible in the clear? Many have asked me to do as in Germany, where there is a goal in the clear. We should also think about it in Italy, this would avoid gatherings for example at the bar, considering that the stadiums are behind closed doors. I am willing to put this theme in the provision for the resumption of the championship along with the other topics “.

ON FEMALE FOOTBALL – “President Gravina is doing an excellent job with Sara Gama and the girls: I am working to fulfill their important request before the summer, that of foreseeing professionalism. From the emergency, critical issues emerged and we will face them”.

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