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Brief reminder entitled: “No jokes”, obtained from the Observatory Restart Italy, by Gabriele Gravina. The recipient is Minister Vincenzo Spadafora on the day he has to decide when the championship will start again, without if and without but. Of if and of but we have full pockets. Convinced that the numbers crush the words, Tuttosport has been hammering them for weeks, without prejudice to the protection of the health of the players and in the awareness that zero risk does not exist: neither for them nor for everyone. The Football System has over 4 million members (of these, 1 million 45 thousand are active in the 12 thousand companies affiliated to the National Amateur League of the FIGC, which alone gathers 24% of the athletes registered for the 44 federations affiliated to the CONI) ; the Football System constitutes 1 percent of the gross domestic product; the direct turnover of the Soccer System fluctuates around 4.7 billion euros: 77%, that is 3.6 billion euros, is generated by the clubs of A, B and C; 23% come from amateur and youth leagues, from the FIGC and from the Leagues (1.1 billion euros); the football system pays 1,250 billion euros to the tax authorities, that is 70% of the revenue insured by all Italian sport. The first who gets up today and says that the path of restart is getting narrower, he gets a fine for spacing. From the real.

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