SpaceX’s first manned flight has been postponed


SpaceX’s Crew Dragon together with his two NASA astronauts were ready to leave, but the weather forced to postpone the launch

Everything was ready: the space taxi Crew Dragon of SpaceX was on the 39A launch pad of the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, awaiting the launch, scheduled for today, May 27to ours 22:33. Unfortunately, however, the event has been postponed due to unfavorable weather and the next window will be 30 May, in a few days, at 21:22. This is a truly epoch-making launch given that for the first time two astronauts from the Nasa will reach the International space station (Iss) thanks to a private company. But not only: the Crew Dragon it is the first flight of astronauts from American soil after nine years (since the program ended Space Shuttle 2011), thus marking the end of the Russian monopoly, with the spacecraft Soyuz, in the transportation of astronauts to Space.

The Crew Dragon will depart at another time with an American Falcon 9 rocket towards the International Space Station with the two American astronauts on board Douglas Hurley is Robert Behnken to start the mission Demo-2, in which the performance of the capsule systems will be tested, including the thrusters and the ability of the capsule to engage with the Iss. Waiting for them on the station afterwards 19 hours from launch, there will be their three colleagues from Expedition 63, with whom they will start some experiments under conditions of microgravity. The two astronauts will stay on the ISS for a variable time that can go from 30 to 119 days. The duration of the mission, in fact, will be chosen by Nasa is SpaceX based on the answers to the flight tests and the progress of the subsequent Dragon, which in the mission Crew-1 will bring four people on the ISS. Once the mission is over, the Crew Dragon will disengage from the ISS and be ready to return to Earth’s atmosphere, finally diving in front of Florida.

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