SpaceX, where to watch the space launch on live TV and Youtube streaming


SpaceX Dragon, this is the name of the capsule that will bring two American astronauts to space, nine years after the last mission. A highly anticipated event all over the world. Below we explain how to follow it in Italy

Space X Nasa, the space mission (Getty Images)

UPDARE AT 10.33 PM ON MAY 27: The Space X Dragon launch has been postponed. Click here for the reasons for the suspension and to know the new departure date.

SpaceX, the launch from Cape Canaveral

SpaceX, there is the visionary genius of Elon Musk (founder and CEO of Tesla) behind the new project that will bring into space, in collaboration with the Nasa, two American astronauts, Doug Hurley is Bob Behnken, aboard the capsule of the same name carried by a Falcon 9 rocket.

On Wednesday May 27, the US and the whole world will forget for a moment the Covid-19 emergency to follow the highly anticipated event on TV or on the web Cape Caraneval where yesterday the last meeting took place where the final details for the launch were prepared.

The SpaceX launch will take place at 16.33, Florida local time, when in Italy it will be 22.33. For those who want to spend a second part of the adrenaline-filled evening with the famous countdown to precede the launch, there is the possibility to follow the event for free both in streaming than in live.

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The launch of SpaceX on live TV and streaming

The capsule launch from Cape Canaveral will be streamed live for free on YouTube on the official channels of the Nasa (here to log in) and of Space X (here to connect).

SpaceX elon musk orbit
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On TV, in Italy, free to air on Focus TV, digital terrestrial channel reachable at position 35 on the remote control. Focus will connect at 9.15 pm to broadcast a series of insights on the space launch. Direct from Cape Canareval also on SkyTg24. The other all news channels are also likely, Tgcom24 is Rainews24 they will connect from 10.30pm to let us watch the mythical countdown from Cape Canaveral.

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