SpaceX, today the new attempt for the launch: the timetable and where to see it. The direct


The two astronauts Hurley (left) and Behnken (Ansa)
Cape Canaveral (Florida), May 30, 2020 – La Nasa try again. Always bad weather permitting. It is indeed intended for today the second attempt for the launching in orbit of the capsule Space X by Crew Dragon, which marks the historic return of the USA to the space race, for the first time with a private-built spacecraft. Great was disappointment with the postponement last Wednesday due to bad weather. “Today we go ahead with the launch. The weather challenges remain with a 50% probability of cancellation,” tweeted the NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine.


Where and at what time can we follow the launch today?

So today the appointment, a Cape Canaveral, in Florida, it is set for today at 15.22, 21.22 in Italy. If it should go badly due to the weather, even today we will try again tomorrow (Sunday 31 May) at 15 local, 21 in Italy. On Twitter it will be possible to follow the live broadcast, thanks to the hashtag #LaunchAmerica. Those who do not want to miss anything, can watch YouTube on live of NASA.

Follow the live video: the long preparation and the launch

Astronauts: who they are

The Demo-2 mission represents the first transport of astronauts in orbit from American soil since the last shuttle to the moon. The launch pad, the 39A, the same from which the Apollo 11 started, is also iconic. On board two NASA veterans, Bob Behnken, 49 years old, and Doug Hurley, 53 years old. Behnken has been on the shuttle twice, in 2008 and 2010, spending over 708 hours in orbit and taking 6 spacewalks. Hurley also has two missions behind him, including the final shuttle mission aboard the Atlantis, which took off on July 8, 2011. Today they will not be wearing the traditional orange shuttle suit but a white outfit with dark gray friezes reminiscent of Star stormtroopers. Wars, license plate Space X and designed by the sculptor and costume designer of Hollywood Jose Fernandez.

The mission

The journey to space it will last about 10 minutes. After about two minutes, part of Falcon 9 will return to Earth, where it will be recovered from a ship stationed in the Atlantic ocean. The capsule of the Crew Dragon will continue towards the ISS, which is expected to reach in 24 hours.

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