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After 9 years, the US was ready to return to space: mission postponed
Cape Canaveral (Florida), May 27, 2020 – History has to wait. The launching of the Crew Dragon of the SpaceX, the first to privately bring on the International space station a human crew, it was stopped by bad weather when there were just 16 minutes to take off. With the two astronauts Bob Behnken is Doug Hurley on board, the eyes of the whole world pointed at him and the operations of loading the propellant already well advanced, the Nasa he preferred to pause everything as there was no right weather. We will talk about it again Saturday 30 May, when at 15.22 Washington time – le 21.22 Italian – Cape Canaveral will resume the interrupted speech. Until then, the two astronauts, who had already said goodbye to wives and children, will have to return to quarantine.

Trump’s disappointment

“A very sad event”. This is the comment with which the President of the United States of America Donald Trump, who then tweeted: ” Thanks to NASA and Space X for their hard work and leadership. I look forward to returning to you on Saturday. ” There is obviously great disappointment for the postponement of a mission of great historical and symbolic value. With this launch, in fact, the US was about to return after nine years to send directly into human personal space, interrupting a digiano started in 2011 after the Shuttle and trying to balance the forces in the space race, marked by the monopoly of Moscow.

Where and at what time can I see the new launch?

The appointment with history is postponed to Saturday 30 May: at 15.22 Washington time – 21.22 Italian – NASA will make the second attempt. On Twitter it will be possible to follow the live broadcast, thanks to the hashtag #LaunchAmerica. Those who do not want to miss anything, can watch YouTube on live of NASA.

Video: relive all the waiting, preparation and postponement

How long will the mission last

The journey to space it will last about 10 minutes. After about two minutes, part of Falcon 9 will return to Earth, where it will be recovered from a ship stationed in the Atlantic ocean. The capsule of the Crew Dragon will continue towards the ISS, which is expected to reach in 24 hours.

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