SpaceX, launch ok and USA return to space


SpaceX Crew Dragongood second. The capsule was successfully launched on the second attempt. At 3.22 pm on Cape Canaveral, the first launch of a stars and stripes crew from American soil was made after 9 years and astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken will reach the International Space Station. On Wednesday the procedure had been stopped due to bad weather conditions.

This time, however, everything according to plan and mission enters history: for the first time a private company, the creature of Elon Musk, in partnership with NASA sends two astronauts to space. President Donald Trump also attended the launch.

Hurley and Behnken will arrive on the International Space Station after 19 hours. The first stage of Falcon 9 carried out its task for 2’33 ” before detaching and landing as expected on the platform set up in the Atlantic. Then, for about another 6 minutes, the capsule traveled through the second stage. Everything as planned.

“I’ve heard that noise in the past, but this time it was different. There’s our team on board, it’s the team from all over America,” says NASA number 1 Jim Bridenstine. “For the first time in 9 years, we launched American astronauts into space on American rockets from American soil. I am absolutely proud of NASA and Space X for making this possible,” he added. “We did it,” he said, highlighting Trump’s decisive support: “We have an administration that supports us, funding has increased. The president created the National Space Council and placed the vice president at the top. People does not realize how many people from the federal government are committed to space, “he added. “I think he is the only president in office to have witnessed the launch of a new rocket with American astronauts on board. We have not had this type of leadership in space for a long time, we are grateful for this.”

“Thanks to Vice President Mike Pence for once again realizing the great fate of the United States in space.” So the US President Donald Trump in a speech in Cape Canaveral after the launch of the Crew Dragon spacecraft. “Today,” he stressed, “a new era of American ambitions has begun.”

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