Space X lets you experience the docking of the Crew Dragon on the ISS


Pending the postponed launch, you can test online the maneuver simulator that the shuttle astronauts will have to perform when they reach the International Space Station

SpaceX simulator of docking maneuvers at the International Space Station (screenshot from the web)

The shuttle Crew Dragon of SpaceX will have to wait a few more days before docking at the International space station (Iss) but all web users, to deceive the wait, will be able to experience the thrill of perform the same procedure with a online simulator.

Elon Musk’s space agency made it usable online a simulator to familiarize yourself with the controls of the interface actually used by NASA astronauts, Douglas Hurley is Robert Behnken, to manually perform docking maneuvers at the International Space Station.

It is very difficult, I have not yet managed to dock”, Comments to Wired Adrian Fartade, scientific popularizer expert in the history of astronomy. And he explains that the simulator that users have access to it’s the same version, with a simplified interface, of the one used by astronauts to train. “During the Crew Dragon mission“, Explains Adrian,”the docking maneuver will come managed entirely by an artificial intelligence system that, by communicating the ISS computer and that of the shuttle, will guide the module to the docking hatch while the astronauts monitor everything“.

However, astronauts had to train in manually pilot the shuttle in the delicate docking phase. If unfortunately there is an inconvenient technician, it is up to the crew of the Crew Dragon to correctly connect to the orbiting station.

Viewfinder with navigation data present in the interface of the Crew Dragon shuttle (source: SpaceX)

The simulator interface appears with a circular viewfinder with numbers indicating the position in space, the roll, pitch, yaw angle (green numbers) and the thrust speed (blue numbers). The controls are meant to be used by a mobile device comfortably with the thumbs but, even from the desktop, it is possible to dock using the mouse.

Simplified command interface that can be used to pilot the Crew Dragon in the simulator on the web (source: SpaceX)

With the controls positioned on the right it is possible correct the axes of rotation (x, y, z) giving imput su roll (roll), yaw (yaw) e pitch (pitch). The left controls instead allow you to check the location moving the shuttle up, down, forward and back. Both controllers have a switch in the center useful for increase or decrease accuracy of the maneuvers.

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