Space, the US postpones the launch of the Crew Dragon due to bad weather


The decision was made for the postponement red lights on three of the weather conditions which must be respected for the launch, relating to non-standard values ​​of surface electric fields, cumulonimbus formations on the launch area and lightning hazard.

After the postponement we proceeded to download the propellant, an operation that took about 40 minutes. Only after the two astronauts were they able to leave the capsule. Until the last moment, an improvement in weather conditions was expected, in the hope that a so-called one would open “snapshot window” of launch.

The launch of the Crew Dragon represents a lot for NASA and SpaceX, but also for the United States: from 2011 no ships were launched from American soil and in this case it was an American vehicle with an American crew. For many commentators, moreover, this launch symbolically represents the beginning of a new era of space exploration.

The Crew Dragon is also the manifestation of the dream of Elon Musk, a dream that foresees new space conquests and new space travel opportunities. NASA has chosen to use a very important slogan to present the mission: “Making History”. And somehow the two astronauts Doug Hurley is Bob Behnken they embody the return of that mythology of Space which will remain forever associated with the men of Apollo crews, above all Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, but also to those who died in the accidents of the Shuttle missions, as the Challenger and the Columbia.

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