“Sooner or later it will be done. The trunk of the Coronavirus? It’s in California. “


A voice out of the choir, that of the Treviso sinologist Adriano Madaro, who is not afraid when he talks about a real “cold war” going on between China and the United States and a “unilateral western communication” which is damaging China’s international image.

After the accusations that China is responsible for spreading Covid-19, now the fear of US interference in China’s internal affairs is frightening, especially in the Hong Kong affair.

Màdaro does not use turns of words and, even if he wanted to specify that the war is not in the DNA of China, the great Asian giant is ready to deploy one of the most powerful armies in the world with millions of soldiers who will be able to use war technologies garde.

Europe seems unable to take a clear position on the subject but gthe world balances are in serious danger after the epidemiological emergency, the economic and financial crises of recent years and a foreign policy that seems to have forgotten how the missteps of international diplomacy are capable of causing outbreaks of intolerance able to lead to an armed conflict with devastating effects.

Sooner or later this war will take place – said the sinologist Màdaro – I hope not of course but it seems to me that everything is going towards that drift. According to my interpretation, the fault lies with the United States of America that wants to meddle in China’s internal affairs, what China does not do with them. US policy is interfering very heavily in the Hong Kong affair because it has even threatened a sovereign country over the sovereignty of its territory. Instead of having the pride of transforming Hong Kong into the launching pad of a future democracy in China, there are those who are opposing the motherland by setting fire to the flags, breaking and breaking everything that can be done on the street (cars, shop windows and metropolitan): they are acts of terrorism and vandalism that must be punished in any civilized country “.

Hong Kong was a British colony from 1842 to 1997 and ceased to be a Union Jack colony on 30 June 1997.

The return to China and the peaceful transition took place following the signing of a UN registered agreement in Beijing on December 19, 1984 between the People’s Republic of China (Deng Xiaoping) and the United Kingdom (Margaret Thatcher). The agreement was ratified with the approval and signing of the so-called

“Basic Law” which regulates the status of Hong Kong and acts as the reference law in bilateral relations between China-United Kingdom-Hong Kong.

In addition to the guarantee of maintaining the status quo for 50 years (until 2047), article 23 of the “Basic Law” prohibits any act of betrayal and subversion of the motherland, with separatist claims and any action of internal and external revocation or foreign intrusion in the internal affairs of Hong Kong, which belongs in all respects to the jurisdiction of People’s China which holds sovereignty over it.

To target the crime present in Hong Kong, the central government of Beijing proposed an amendment to article 23 last year establishing a law that would allow the Chinese judicial authorities to extradite criminals: this led to strong resistance, especially from Hong Kong youth organized in the so-called “Umbrella Movement”.

China has peace in its DNA – continues the sinologist Màdaro – but now he can have a huge amount of very well trained men and women. There are about four million personnel, I speak of soldiers in the barracks, but in reality in every territory of the People’s Republic of China, popular militias are organized, even in factories. This is thought to be at least 50-60 million: that is, the population of Italy fully armed. On a technological level, China is far ahead because it obviously understood that sooner or later an armed confrontation with someone would have done so, wanting to become a great power must also be a great military power that defends itself “.

China has an armament that is equal to the American one – he adds -. America is stronger in the navy because it has more ships but the Chinese point out that spaceships are worth today because water ships are too slow. If they wanted to hit, in 27 minutes they would arrive from Beijing to Washington but far from China to think about this. A people with hundreds and hundreds of millions of women and children who have always aspired for peace “.

Regarding Coronavirus, Màdaro said: “The Coronavirus trunk is in California and has been active for more than two years and certainly since August last year. This was stated by the director of American health, Robert Redfield, who was called to testify on this thing just in March by the deputies of the House of Representatives in Washington and he naively admitted. He said that 20,000 people had already died in America: an anomalous flu had been circulating in America since August, especially in the West, and then they were able to ascertain that most of those 20,000 died had died from Coronavirus. ”

“From this trunk of the Coronavirus that is in America – he specifies – we have a branch of the Coronavirus that exploded in Wuhan. Why there? In Wuhan there is a laboratory of the World Health Organization (WHO), built by the Chinese together with the French. Then came the Americans who financed him for ten million dollars. At the time when this happened, the Americans were inside this laboratory, together with the French and the Chinese. So it couldn’t have happened there because they would have been the first to become infected and then is it possible that the Americans took action against America? “.

Trump is mad and insane – continues the sinologist Adriano Màdaro – and his say it, all those he liquidated and even the doctors of the White House. Among other things, it is in a country where there is talk of democracy but completed democracy is not, perhaps it is being prepared. So we will see between China and America who will achieve true democracy first. It is not possible that such an immense power is in the hands of a man only because in China it is not Xi Jinping who has this power he has through three thousand deputies of the Popular Assembly. ”

“The CIA – he concludes -, the American counterintelligence, has chosen Hong Kong as the location for the Pan-Pacific, for the entire Pacific area from Japan to Australia. The CIA headquarters in East Asia is in Hong Kong but this is a huge affront to China. You put your counter-espionage, which you use above all against this country, in one of its territories, taking advantage of the fact that it is a territory that is still being absorbed by China. China has never had colonies but has always had tax countries that have recognized its superiority. It conquered peoples with its civilization, culture and history, otherwise as can be explained that in the eighteenth century Voltaire woven the praise of China because it had the mandarinal system (political power was not transmitted according to the rules of the inheritance but there were imperial exams: the most cultured ruled)?

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