soon all servers will close and the game will become inaccessible –


On June 30, 2020 i server of Terra Battle, mobile game of the Mistwalker by Hironobu Sakaguchi, they will close their doors, making the game inaccessible and effectively ending its existence after six years of honored career. Launched in October 2014 for iOS and Android systems, Terra Battle was a success in its first years of life, such as to deserve a following (still active).

The decision to close was motivated by the low number of players which makes it impossible to continue keeping servers without them economic losses.

From today 29 May has been locked the opportunity to buy the currency game for real money. Those who have left over can spend it until the game closes. On June 15, some services related to data transfer and data recovery will be closed. Finally, on June 30 the servers will be closed and technical support will cease.

Hironobu Sakaguchi, who we remember being the author of the Final Fantasy series, wanted to thank everyone who played Terra Battle, reminding him of the development of Fantasian, the new Mistwalker title for Apple Arcade, with which he will return to his origins, that is when he developed games for NES.

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