Sony shut down servers without warning –


Sony has closed i server of Killzone: Mercenary without giving any notice to gamers. Easy to imagine that they were almost completely deserted. After all we are talking about a game for PS Vita, now dead console, released more than seven years ago.

In truth, a very small one community still dedicated to Killzone: Mercenary existed, but we are talking about very few people. Of course, it would have been nice for them to send a warning message, as is often done in these cases and as Sony itself has done several times in the past (for example with Driveclub), but evidently it was not considered necessary to do it for a title similar.

It should also be noted that Killzone: Mercenary is still available in the PlayStation Store, where multiplayer mode is also advertised. We hope that they will update the page soon to remove it, leaving only the single player content highlighted, which still remain active.

Sony has not yet commented the sudden shutdown of Killzone: Mercenary servers.

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