Sony Japan Studio will present a new triple A game with space setting? –


One of the new games SS5 to be announced next week could be one new intellectual property under development at Sony Japan Studio, which could be a large triple A production characterized by aspatial setting.

The rumor emerged on the NeoGAF pages and retrieves scraps of information scattered over a period of time. It starts from 2014 but the most immediate reference is December 2017, when the creative director Tsutomu Kouno of Japan Studio says that in 2018 a new game after a silence that lasted almost ten years on his part.

However, the question did not seem to have come true, as the only titles related to the team later were Astro-Bot: Team Asobi’s Rescue Mission, From Software’s DerĂ¡cinĂ© and Clap Hanz’s Everybody’s Golf VR, all projects developed in collaboration by Japan Studio with other teams.

The issue also relates to very old rumors: already before E3 2014, the alleged insider Ruin4r had reported a “nameless space game” that should have been announced along with other titles, with the latter having actually come true as The Last Guardian, a new God of War game, a sequel to The Last of Us, the return of Crash Bandicoot and a certain Dead Don’t Bend Studio laughs, with the latter representing an absolute novelty.

Dead Don’t Ride was later confirmed by other insiders such as Shinobi and turned out to be Days Gone later, which would put the claims of this in an interesting light Ruin4r, who also reiterated in 2016 that all the titles he mentioned were in development, including the mysterious “nameless space game”, while to increase his credibility he also mentioned the remake of Shadow of the Colossus, which later occurred soon after.

From there on there were various other clues, with Shuhei Yoshida Sony to report that Japan Studio was developing a very large project as early as 2015, team producer Teruyuki Toriyama stating that he was involved in developing an “ambitious game” and Yasuhiro Kitao a few years later to confirm the presence of a project not yet announced.

There was also the discovery of a mystery trademark called “RaySpace” by Sony Interactive Entertainment, which could be linked to this corridor item, after which we arrive at 2018 with the aforementioned statement by Tsutomu Kouno on the mysterious game of Japan Studio, supported by Toriyama to reiterate how there is this mysterious unannounced title in production.

The matter would also be related to the corridor rumor on Silent Hill for PS5, which would be in development at Japan Studio, considering that the alleged insider who has been carrying out this week for weeks also reported that the Japanese team from Sony would also have another big project not yet announced in development. So is there really a space game coming to PS5 from Japan Studio? At this point you just have to wait for the presentation of PS5 set for the June 4.

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