son escort judge, ‘I don’t feel hate but anger, I always see massacre images on TV’


Emanuele Schifani: My father died in the Capaci massacre, I don't feel hate but a lot of anger

Antonio Emanuele Schifani, son of Falcone’s escort

(by Elvira Terranova) – Those terrible images of the gutted highway, shot immediately after the Capaci massacre, have seen and reviewed them, many, many times “maybe too many times …”, he confesses. “The last one was last night,” he says in a low voice. Emanuele Antonio Schifani, captain of the 28-year-old Guardia di Finanza is the son of Vito Schifani, one of the three escort agents who died on 23 May 1992 together with the judge Giovanni Falcone and his wife Francesco Morvillo. Killed by the TNT. He does not like to appear, he prefers to work in silence. However, this time, on the eve of the 28th anniversary of the massacre, he decided to break the silence and to tell his story in an exclusive interview with Adnkronos. Emanuele had just turned 4 months old when his father, who was the age the young officer is today, was barbarously killed by Cosa Nostra.

He only knew him through the story of his mother, Rosaria Costa, a combative woman, a widow just 20 years old, who during the funeral ceremony turned to the mobsters and said sobbing: “I forgive you, but you kneel”, a phrase that became a symbol of rebellion against mafia. But did Emanuele forgive? “The best answer is the choice I made,” the captain merely says laconically, who looks very much like his father Vito, a great athlete. Emanuele says “don’t feel hate” but “a lot of anger, that yes”.

“Hate is a feeling of aversion, for which you want the evil of the other. I don’t want anyone’s evil, indeed I try to help everyone – he says with an adult man’s maturity – I focus on the newspaper with a hope for the future. Hate is a feeling that consumes and makes you obtuse, diverting attention from the important things in our life. On the contrary, anger is an emotion, a mental state that can evolve and make the reactions of the person more effective. man for the purpose of his survival, “says Emanuele Schifani again. “This revives the focus of my commitment to honest citizens on a daily basis,” he explains.

A few months ago his mother’s brother Giuseppe Costa was arrested as part of an important anti-mafia investigation by the Palermo prosecutor. A real earthquake that first shocked his sister, the widow Schifani, and Emanuele himself. For the investigators Giuseppe Costa, known as Pinuzzu u chieccu (the stammerer, editor’s note), “is a member of the Mafia family of the Virgin Mary, performing the functions of collecting the extortion requests and assigning them to prisoners”. According to the accusation, the man claimed the lace for the boss of Arenella Gaetano Scotto. On that occasion Emanuele Schifani said: “Whoever stays there or dies or becomes like them”.

Today he explains: “With that sentence I mean very simply that we must have the courage to change, to rebel against the criminal system and fight by giving our contribution – explains the young officer today – Sicily and Sicilians demonstrate with the facts of being alive and wanting to fight against this extreme evil “.

28 years have passed since that May 23, but today, according to Emanuele Schifani, where is the fight against the Mafia? “The sacrifice of the victims was a call to duty for each of us. We have, we have answered, many to fight this war – says Emanuele Schifani – The fallen are a symbol, but also a warning, the very high price paid in decades passed for not having had the courage to react against a criminal system that wanted and still wants to replace the state “.

And he adds: “Mafias are a cancer for society and an impediment to economic development because they create corruption and complicity. We must respond with the culture of young people: education and legality, but also with the strength of the institutions that do not give up a millimeter. Just think of all the great results obtained only by the Guardia di Finanza with the seizure and confiscation of the huge mafia capitals, with the recovery of the amounts stolen from the Treasury “.

Today Emanuele Schifani deals with the training of young people, the young Marshals of the Guardia di Finanza “and I use all my energy in this activity, transmitting to them the values ​​and purpose of the commitment and responsibilities that they will have, once the training”.

As a son of Vito Schifani, Emanuele feels “a sense of responsibility” that “sets him on fire”, because, he explains, “as a public man I have a responsibility towards citizens, responsibility inherited with a passing of the witness 28 years ago”. “The solemn oath I took on May 26, 2011, is renewed every morning in front of the mirror. Here is the fire that animates my days as a citizen and Officer of the Guardia di Finanza”, he adds with great pride.

The mother, in recent days, said that on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the massacre she would like 28 trees to be planted, one for each year of the massacre. “I would plant a forest, better to abound, it is good for the environment which is also attacked by the Ecomafie”, comments Emanuele.

When we talk about the many, too many mysteries, which still surround the mafia massacres of 1992, the face darkens. When asked what he thinks of the sentence of the judge extending the Borsellino ter trial, who called the massacre in via D’Amelio “the greatest misdirection in Italian history”, Schifani says: “I can talk about the present and the effort made by me and by the other colleagues of all the police and by the judiciary, constant, daily, made of sacrifices and so much time that was not dedicated to their families, made of many blankets not rolled up in the evening, sometimes never “.

For Emanuele Schifani, the fight against the mafia, as Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said long ago, “is a battle of freedom”. “I undoubtedly share it – he explained- Last year I was present in the bunker room of the prison in Palermo and in everything that was said on that occasion I recognized my commitment as an officer of the Guardia di Finanza, increasingly proud of the choice made almost 10 years ago “. Tomorrow, on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the Capaci massacre, Emanuele Schifani will be at work. As always. In the barracks. To remember dad Vito. A dad who never knew.

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