someone got their hands on the source code of the old console


The news is circulating on the web that some hackers have managed to steal the source code of the very first from Microsoft Xbox.

In addition to allowing attackers to proceed with the creation of a much more efficient emulator than those currently available (and with poor performance if not on some specific title), the stolen code could allow anyone to discover all the secrets of Windows 2000, old operating system of which Xbox mounted a customized version. The stolen data also includes the source code of Windows NT 3.5, other old Microsoft software that should no longer be installed on PCs found in homes and offices around the world. This theft should therefore not represent a danger for Windows users, although many are concerned that access to this data may allow some shrewd to find flaws even in the most recent systems. At the moment Microsoft, when asked about recent events, claims that there is nothing to worry about and only in the next few days will we be able to learn more about the real dangers of such a situation.

Speaking of the old console, did you know that Bill Gates apologized for the Japanese Xbox advertisement with the hamburger?

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