some came from outside the region


Demonstration in Rome, 70 reported: some came from outside the region

Moments of tension in Rome during a demonstration a Venice plaza, promoted in recent days by a far-right group through a Facebook group entitled «March on Rome». The approximately 200 demonstrators, tricolor on flags and masks, without respecting the social distancing, tried to head towards Palazzo Chigi, where other demonstrators were gathered, taking via del Corso, but were stopped by trucks and men in riot gear of the State Police. Unable to go on, the demonstrators first lay on the ground, some then tried to pass on via del Plebiscito and corso Vittorio Emanuele. Always accompanied by the police, the procession was slowly divided. A few dozen protesters now continue to protest on Corso Vittorio intoning the “Libertà, Libertà” choir and Mameli’s hymn. The demonstration was organized against the Conte government, guilty according to some of the participants “of starving the Italians with the excuse of the coronavirus” considered by several to be an invasion. The virus, according to protesters, is an invention of governments.

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70 people have been reported. 70 are currently identified and reported for unannounced demonstration for today’s protest in Rome promoted by the “March on Rome” movement. According to what has been learned, the sanctions regarding the non-compliance with the anti-Covid rules are also being examined: the protesters were without masks, did not respect the anti-dismantling distances and some arrived outside Lazio, thus violating the ban on mobility between regions.

Protest Orange Vest in Milan, hundreds assembled in Piazza Duomo and without masks

The protests. «We stay here indefinitely. We occupy Piazza Venezia and set up tents ». To say some protesters who are participating in the protest going on this morning in the center of Rome. “We occupy this square for the future of our children and for all that they have raised in recent months – a participant says to the megaphone – the government has betrayed us”.

But who are the protesters who protested today in the center of the capital? From the information that can be read on the Facebook profile ‘March on Romà, created on 17 April and which gathers over 6,300 members, it emerges that the group “was created to assert the will of the people”; «Obtain a monetary sovereignty by printing the lira again»; «Leaving the European Union». It also specifies that “the group does not follow any political party and is not part of any existing political movement”. It was only “created to give voice to a single voice that of the Italian people who will have to be compact in asking loudly to assert their rights for a better future for all Italians”.

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