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                          <h2 class="news-stit">"June 3 is around the corner but no solution from the government"</h2>
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                      <p>"Those who arrive without a certificate. From my point of view, they cannot embark at the start, therefore they do not arrive in Sardinia," he told Rai Radio1, host of Un Giorno da Pecora, the governor of Sardinia Christian Solinas. "Is the health passport for Minister Boccia unconstitutional? - he added - I would have expected a solution from a minister since there is little time left for June 3."

“Sardinia – he added to Timeline on SkyTg24 – wants to welcome tourist flows with open arms, but this year it wants to offer, in addition to
to its environmental and landscape beauties, its culture and its gastronomy, an extra plus: health security. That’s why we asked for a little caution from everyone to better guarantee who lives and who arrives in Sardinia, that is, a certificate of a test that can tell us that who arrives is not positive for Coronavirus “.

HEALTH PASSPORT IN CONFERENCE REGIONS NOT BEFORE 3 JUNE – The Health Committee of the Conference of the Regions will not meet before Wednesday 3 June to discuss Sardinia’s proposal to liberalize Covid-19 tests throughout Italy, a preparatory step for the establishment of a health passport. AN SA learned it from the regional councilor of Health Mario Nieddu (Lega), who two days ago sent the proposal to the coordinator of the commission, his colleague from Piedmont, also from Carroccio, Luigi Icardi.

The approval by the commissioner cannot therefore take place before 3, the date set for the reopening of the Sardinian airports but also from which it will be possible to move between all the Regions. Once the go-ahead has been obtained, the document will enter the State-Regions Conference. Maybe on the same day.

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