Solinas, the new Braveheart who holds his region in suspense


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What can push a governor to profess for about two weeks that no one will enter “his” (uti dominus) Region (in the species la Sardinia) without the “health passport”, then also being satisfied with the only “certificate of negativity”, regardless of the Constitution (in this case art. 120 of the Constitution) and the only certainties of the scientific community (ie that does not exist any passport or certificate suitable to certify that one is immune to himself and above all to the others from Covid-19)?

Can it be dictated: by your political belief as an autonomist (Sardinian)? From political marketing? With the intention of being accredited as the new Umberto Bossi of central and southern Italy? From the narcissistic inclination to want to be the center of attention, to beautifully cross the sword with Giuseppe Sala, Francesco Boccia and anyone who dares to contradict him? From the noble intent of wanting to protect his people from irresponsible oilers who are preparing to contaminate his splendid land?

It could be a mix of all this, we will never have a certain answer. What is farcical is that all people eager and eager and also needed by the urgent need to go to Sardinia (from the simple tourist who intends to have a weekend or one or even two months of vacation; from those who must go for work reasons or for family reasons or simply return to the own home with the doubt that today you risk being still quarantined and imprisoned for 14 days etc.) they still cannot plan today (because expensive Christian Solinas that’s how you do it, trips are organized well in advance) anything, as the bizarre governor, perhaps in love with the hero character Wallace immortalized in Braveheart, keeps everyone in suspense.

Instead, it is grotesque to observe how a governor, therefore we speak of an apical representative of the institutions, can be indifferent and contemptuous, we do not even want to dare ignorant of the same, towards the Constitutional Charter, according to which art. 120, in the first paragraph “The Region He can not (…) adopt measures that in any way obstruct the free movement of people and things between the Regions, nor to limit the exercise of the right to work “and mocking Minister Boccia who reminds him of a fundamental principle.

It is grotesque to observe how a governor can hold in check an entire community, including its own regional population that enjoys substantial sources of income from the tourism industry today paralyzed (and therefore partly definitively lost, in a situation already of extraordinary economic deficit), simply by brandishing a scientific instrument, devoid of any scientific nature, as all (and even all) the representatives of the scientific community reminded him yesterday.

It is also grotesque to observe how a governor moves on alternate plates, today Sardinian but then yesterday and tomorrow nationalist where you call on the government to resolve (at the expense of all Italians) air and naval transport, as well as local infrastructure.

The intent, albeit also noble of Solinas (I want to protect my community from a pandemic) must deal with certain and practical answers, indicating the solution. If your intent is to allowaccess to the island only to healthy subjects, the only solution is that you have to take charge (as soon as the invaders landed) to test them (but with what tests if to date there are no tests validated by the scientific community ?!), because any other claim is merely ridiculous (serological tests, then followed by the swab, in addition to not being sufficient, should take place until disembarkation, since the person disembarking has contracted the COVID-19 in an intermediate moment). And then, however, you must also guarantee that I do not leave infected, even if there is a Rd equal to 0.2%.

So what the obstinate and undeterred Solinas asks is not only illegitimate, it is not only unscientific but it is also illogical. If it persists in its intentions, Solinas can certainly be an ad hoc “commissariat”, in order to remove any manifestly illegitimate ordinance, as well as being disapplied for manifest and abnormal illegality. But will we have to go that far?

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