Softball Caronno, Karla Claudio blocked in Venezuela … for love


CARONNO PERTUSELLA – They await her in Caronno Pertusella, she has been blocked in Caracas in Venezuela by the coronavirus emergency: we are talking about Karla Claudio, pitcher of the Puerto Rico national team and new purchase of Rheavendors Caronno Pertusella, where she had already played two seasons, in 2016 and 2017. Before arriving in Italy, Karla had made a stop in the South American country to meet her boyfriend, which is local. Then the health situation in Italy precipitated, the virus spread all over the world, the airports closed and therefore in the last two months it had to stay in Caracas.

“I have to thank my boyfriend’s family members, who really welcomed me as one of the family, from the first moment – says the player – Qui there is talk of a reopening of the airport around the middle of next month, I am always in contact with the Caronnese leaders and we are evaluating the situation, as soon as possible I will leave for Italy. Here the emergency appears less serious than in many other countries, but we all follow scrupulously the health regulations. I am training at home as far as possible and I am looking forward to reaching the companions of Rheavendors Caronno and starting the preparation with them “. The A1 series championship should start on Saturday 13 June, it is unlikely that for that date both Claudio and the other foreigner, Yurubi Alicart, she Venezuela and she still in the country of origin, will be able to be present for the season’s debut. Then it will be played every weekend until September, and Karla wants to be among the protagonists with Rhea: “We are a fair mix of young and more experienced players, I think the goal of the playoffs is at the door, and also something more” .

Born in 1993, Claudio is part of the Puerto Rico national team, was a player in the University of Florida and was a vice coach in Santa Fe. in the United States of America.


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