Social storm on video Gallera, his ‘Rt’ unleashes ironies





Social storm on video Gallera, his 'Rt' unleashes ironies

To infect me, you need to find two infected people“. A few words on the Rt index at 0.50 in Lombardy trigger the social storm on Giulio Gallera, the councilor for Welfare of Lombardy who yesterday after a long time had returned to comment on live the data of the infections in the region most affected by the covid19 in Italy. Gallera is ‘stumbled’ in explaining the scientific concept of RT or R0, or the index that epidemiologists use to measure the spread of a virus in the population and which, according to the ISS, in Lombardy has dropped to 0.51, a good level to avoid new infections, since an RT equal to 1 means that 1 infected person manages to infect another one and an RT equal to 2 means that a person can infect 2.

“It is not so simple to find two infected people that infect me,” Gallera says during the live broadcast, perhaps simplifying the scientific concept of Rt to 0.5 a bit too much and provoking the irony of many. A lot of people went wild on social media against Gallera, from entertainment to politics. “I wonder what happened, why it all went so badly,” he writes Luca Bizzarri, perhaps the first to share the piece of the live broadcast, which immediately goes viral together with the hashtag #Gallera, still first among the trends in Italy. “Gallera never stops: A pear plus an apple makes two oranges”, he writes Gene Gnocchi. And many others to follow, and the video went viral.

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