Social media, Trump’s hold comes





Social media, Trump's hold comes

“Hi Tech big names are doing everything in their power to censor the 2020 elections. If it happens, we will no longer have our freedom. I will never allow it to happen.” The President of the United States said in a tweet Donald Trump, after the threats to take action against all social media following the decision of the microblogging platform to insert fact checking on its ‘chirping’ to deny fake news. “They tried in 2016 and lost. Now they are going completely mad. Stay tuned,” added Trump.
The president of the United States will sign an executive order that provides for a tightening on social media. White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany told reporters, explaining that Trump’s announcement is scheduled for today. McEnany has not explained in detail what the decree will provide, which follows Trump’s complaints to Twitter and Facebook not to respect free speech by repressing that of conservatives.

TWITTER – “We will continue to report incorrect or disputed information about the global elections. And we will admit and make our own all the mistakes we make.” The Twitter CEO said in a tweet, Jack Dorsey, returning to the controversy with the President of the United States. “This does not make us an ‘arbiter of truth’ – continued Dorsey in another tweet – Our intention is to connect the points of the discordant statements and show the conflicting information so that people can judge for themselves”.

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