so you will be able to know the availability on the free beaches


An application for smartphones to know, even before reaching the sea, the availability of spaces still usable at the free beaches of Ostia. This is an initiative on which the Capitol is working, already announced by the President of the Commerce Commission Andrea Coia in a videochat of the 5 Star Movement and endorsed yesterday by the Prefect of Rome.

The meeting in the Region for summer 2020

Pending the bathing ordinance (expected today ed), a video conference was staged on Tuesday, organized by the Lazio Region and the Prefecture of Rome, in which the coastal municipalities of the province, the State Police, the Carabinieri, the Guard took part of Finance and the Harbor Master’s Office.

Various issues were addressed: from the management of free beaches, ensured by the Municipalities also thanks to the economic contribution allocated by the Region, to the organizational measures required of the beach managers in concession to guarantee hygiene and health standards and social distancing.

Beaches: distances, stewards, sports and umbrella bar service. The rules in the regional ordinance

The application for free beaches

And here we get to the application, idea endorsed by the Prefect: “Of particular interest is the initiative of Roma Capitale, relating to the creation of an app that allows citizens to know, even before starting to travel, the availability of spaces still usable at the free beaches of Ostia. The tool, considered to be of great use, was made available to all coastal municipalities, also to provide users with more widespread and preventive information and avoid crowding and inconvenience once they arrive on site.“reads a note.

Ostia, checks on the beaches for summer 2020

Another great theme, besides that of free beaches, is that related to controls. Who will take care of it? The Prefecture announced a “great efforts by the police to monitor both flows to seaside towns, including on consular roads and highways, and to the territories of the coastal municipalities where, in collaboration with local police, enhanced control devices will be implemented to ensure, safely, the orderly start of the bathing season. Harbor Master’s Office and Guardia di Finanza, also supported by jet skis of the State Police, will supervise safety at sea“.

Fregene, Fiumicino and Maccarese: free beaches controlled by 100 volunteers, agents and a drone

The municipality of Ostia has already identified 22 accesses along the coast, all manned by at least one steward who will limit the entrances and indicate the areas to be occupied. If there is no space, bathers will be forced to give up and change the beach. The checks will be entrusted to the Coast Guard. The seamen of the harbor master’s office will support and support the local police of the X Mare Group. But who will supervise secondary accesses?

Free parking spaces in Capocotta and Castelporziano

Several times the X Town Hall and the trade unions of the brigade have emphasized how more brigades and more reinforcements are needed. This is why, probably, the anti-illegal parking plan between Capocotta and Castelporziano is skipped: no ban on parking this summer on the Via Litoranea, the road that leads to the free beaches par excellence of Rome.

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The plan studied by the junta of the M5S of the X Town Hall in fact provided for limiting the parking areas on the roadway, in theory already prohibited to cars, but Atac and the Mobility Agency have not given the go ahead to increase the bus shuttles and the Local Police in fact, it is short of agents.

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