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In general silence, Giuseppe Conte he attempted the extreme move to save himself. “While attention was focused on Renzi is Salvini – wrote Francesco Verderami in his background on Corriere della Sera -, yesterday Conte moved to guarantee himself a few more months of survival “. The climate is that of the trench, of a superstitious perhaps”I fall in October“that the premier would often repeat to his collaborators. But since the chair of Palazzo Chigi was surprisingly well, the Foggia lawyer would like to stay in Rome a little longer.

For this the date indicated for Regional, the Administrative and the referendum on the cut of parliamentarians, the September 20, “definitively clears the field of the hypothesis that – in the event of a government crisis – there may be early elections. Not bad, since the joints are still complicated in Parliament and finding an alternative to this majority will be a great puzzle. But above all, underlines Verderami, “Conte ‘s decision has a political objective: it aims to freeze the maneuvers of the cross party that aims to replace it. “Timing helps him, given that in addition toelection day there will be the tail of the ballots (October 4) and immediately afterwards Parliament will find itself in full budget session, effectively making distrust impossible.

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