So the invitation to the home changes in the days of coronavirus


The new rules for the invitation to the house are all to be written and cannot be improvised. Doubts are a string: do we ask guests to take off their shoes? Do we sanitize them at the entrance? Better to sit, stand or spread out, each one in an isolated chair? Better to suffer the heat or turn on the air conditioner with the killer droplets pushed around the room? We will have to go back to dinner with friends, but for many, the recovery of relationships is cautious. A survey of Courier service is Ipsos reports that 36% of Italians do not trust to resume social relations. It’s okay to see loved ones again, but how and where and which ones? Suffice it to say that in the US there is a lot of discussion about bubbles of friends who are ready to respect strict rules and to frequent each other only. In Belgium, the bubbles were a government-tested hypothesis. So, for conviviality, better to run the risk of nightlife or better at home, in the only place where we learned to feel protected?

Different choices

Sandra Carraro, the last lady of the Roman salons with the envied villa at Gianicolo, the epicenter of worldliness since the time of Giulio Andretti who lingered to play burraco, decided that for now, she will not receive: I have been at a breakfast at home with five dear friends and one from nine with various politicians. We had a great time, we ate and drank divinely, but sitting at a meter and a half away, in the end, you only talk to your neighbor: an impossible general conversation. I will have quarantine syndrome, but I no longer feel like life before. Her landlady advice, however, oversee the conversation for it to remain beautiful and interesting. If you really have to talk about Covid-19, that fly high on the future of the world. Marina di Guardo, writer with a seventh book to be released on November 24, as well as Chiara Ferragni’s mother, dined with her friends, but outside: After so much quarantine, I want to go out, she says, and I relax more without having to worry about precautions for guests.


Alba Parietti, on the other hand, began to receive in the garden with a scientific organization: I invite small groups, possibly among people who know each other and have taken the serological test. I know it is not very elegant, but I prefer that the guests feel comfortable. At the table of ten, I seat a maximum of four guests, then someone joins in after dinner. bad to say, but without garden, I would not invite. I stay outside as long as the temperature allows, then, if it’s cold, we say goodbye: in the living room I receive only one person at a time. No one enters the kitchen: just me and Sally, who serves at the table with gloves and a mask. There are no central dishes, to avoid serving cutlery that affects everyone. And if someone misses a glass, I take it back.


Laura Pranzetti Lombardini, author of a dozen etiquette books, when she invites immediately specifies we are few and explains who the others are: The guest must not ask who is there, but the landlord, as ever now, must give details , for without going into gossip and specifying whether or not they had coronavirus. On the number of guests, it depends on the table and the rule of the distance meter applies, with a possible trick: I foresee the checkerboard places but with close relatives. The expert explains that the guest must arrive in a mask: the landlady who invites to remove it, as well as the shoes, to be left at the entrance, not on the landing. Then, he must immediately indicate a bath with disposable wipes and disinfectants. And if a traffic jam is created on arrival, not bad education, even a right precaution, make someone wait outside.

The rules

I’m buffets are prohibited, because one looks at each other and touches mixed cutlery, finger food is not recommended because eating with the hands, in these times, inspires distrust, and glasses with different colors are useful to avoid improper exchanges: The ideal to serve everything already bread in single saucers, positioned on the left, at the end of the prongs of the fork. Who does not have them, can use the coffee ones. If the table is small, you can keep the guests standing, but then better serve a single dish. As for Sandra Carraro, the most valuable advice for her is the conversation: Let’s not talk only about the pandemic, a dinner in which we say goodbye depressed, not a successful dinner.

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