So Salvini won? But not even by dream


Let’s face it: today’s vote on Salvini is good for everyone (me just everyone) for the simple fact that it does not shift the basic issues by a millimeter. Indeed, if possible, it crystallizes on non-reconcilable versions, thus doing an excellent service to all the parties involved.

We specify this at the start because if someone thinks that today’s one can be dismissed as a Salvini victory, we might as well say immediately that things are not like this, in order to avoid easy enthusiasm (for those who sympathize on the right). The reasons are manifold, but they can be summarized in three major chapters, the first of which is (obviously) the procedural position of the League leader.

Well in this respect, very little changes, not only because the courtroom will have to decide definitively on the authorization, but above all because the other process, that for the case of Nave Gregoretti, will start in October anyway. So Salvini will have to face a judgment anyway, with all that he can achieve.

The second chapter is the political one, in particular for the majority parties. Here no one has lost, indeed. PD and M5S will evaluate how much to push in the vote in the classroom, but in the meantime they take note of a vote in the Commission which is unfavorable to them (if we can say so) but which nevertheless certifies a minimum (but really a minimum) of independence of Parliament, a rhetorical topic good for all seasons.

Then there is Renzi, who can claim a certain result, having married a guarantee position that is in his strings. Leu’s left voted (with President Grasso) for the authorization to proceed, in total consistency with its usual line. So everyone is okay with their conscience, however having produced a result that does not remove chestnuts from the fire to the detested former interior minister.

Finally, for the judiciary (third chapter) it is a good day today, because two things they like happen. The first is that with the committee vote it is politics that tries to remove Salvini from the process, not the decision of a public prosecutor’s office. The second is that in this way Salvini himself has less force in shouting persecution against him.

In short, even for the magistrates today is far from negative: they are in the eye of the hurricane for their internal affairs, however they keep Salvini in the condition of a defendant awaiting trial and, in any case, bow to the vote of Parliament , as required by the healthy balance of powers. In short, today everyone wins except, all in all, the interested party.

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