So doctors teach children how to use the mask


AGI – How can parents and teachers help with children who have to wear a protective mask? The solution is a video in which the protagonists are the children who are having fun with a new “game”, that is to wear a cheerful and nice mask. A mask so beautiful that children compete with each other and they are happy to be an example for their peers.

The video, created by SIEMS (Italian Scientific Society of Emergency) in collaboration with SIP (Italian Society of Pediatrics) and SIMEUP (Italian Society of Emergency Medicine, Urgency), was made thanks to the creativity of Kubrik Srl, free of charge, and saw the participation of a group of children between 3 and 6 years of age, who recited from their home, talking via chat. None of them are small actors, they are simply friends.

“We were very keen to produce this video to be shown to all Italian children, – explains Mario Costa, SIEMS president – to help convince them that with masks you protect yourself, but you can also play. The fact that the idea was shared by FIP and SIMEUP makes us even more convinced that we have made an important contribution together for the little ones in this Phase 2 ”

The video will be distributed to pediatricians and to all 118 Italians, to be used in the moments dedicated to training, as well as being available shortly on the websites of the promoting scientific associations.

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