So Borrell prophesies the Asian century and asks the US for more multilateralism


->Josef Joffe, member of the editorial board of the German weekly Die Zeit is distinguished fellow of Stanford’s Hoover Institution, defined in the book Because America won’t fail (Utet) the decline “no less American than the apple pie“. For over half a century, in fact, the prophecies of the sunset of the stars and stripes domination have followed one another. All (at least so far) have proven to be false. According to Joffe, we are experiencing the 5.0 decline, that is, the phase marked by the clash between the United States and China for world supremacy. Who will win? An education system and unapproachable military investment are still a guarantee for the United States, says Joffe.

But today, among those prophets who seem willing even to turn a blind eye to authoritarian systems that challenge American supremacy, the High Representative of the European Union for foreign and security policy has also joined, Josep Borrell. Speaking at the annual conference of German ambassadors, the head of European diplomacy explained that “we live in a world without leaders where Asia will be increasingly important, in economic, security and technological terms”. And again: “Analysts have spoken at length about the end of an American-led system and the arrival of an Asian century. This is happening before our eyes. “

“If the twenty-first century turns out to be an Asian century, since the twentieth century was an American one, the pandemic could be remembered as the turning point of this process,” explained the former foreign minister of the government of Pedro Sánchez and member of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party since 1975. Borrell points the finger at the United States of Donald Trump, and he does so explicitly: “The demand for multilateral cooperation has never been greater. But the offer is late. This is the first major crisis of the past few decades when the United States is not driving the international response. Maybe they don’t care, but everywhere we look we see growing rivalries, especially between the United States and China. “

According to Borrell “as the EU we should follow our interests and values ​​and avoid being exploited by one or the other”. Furthermore, he highlighted that “the rivalry between the United States and China is also having an important and often paralyzing effect on the multilateral system: in the United Nations Security Council, in the G20, in the World Health Organization and elsewhere, there are many more disagreements and vetoes and less agreements ”.

We have three questions for the High Representative.

The first: if we go towards a clash between the United States and China, what sense would it be to be neutral?

The second: “avoiding being exploited by one or the other” also includes avoiding “accidents” such as those of the letter from the EU ambassador to China censored by the Chinese media and the EU report on “softened” misinformation so as not to irritate Beijing, or not?

The third: really if the offer of multilateral cooperation is delayed is it the fault of the United States and not of China and its silences in the seats of that multilateral system that is so dear to you?


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