Small jeans pocket what is it for? A long story


Have you ever wondered what the small pocket of jeans is for? Throughout history it has often changed function: let’s retrace all its evolutions.

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I am a real fashion classic, capable of reinventing itself, evolving, reproposing itself but absolutely unable to set.

We are talking about jeans, a real evergreen against which it seems impossible to track down even a single opponent: who doesn’t have their trusted jeans in the closet?

There are those who prefer them light and dark, those bell-shaped and those skinny, those torn and those who are impeccable, but in the end we love jeans, which is different if we really know the various secrets.

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Have you ever wondered for example what is that little front pocket for? Already the tiny “pocket in the pocket” in which you may occasionally insert the bus ticket or bobby pins.

Well, that piece of cloth that we often don’t even notice was actually born for a very special function and today we will help you discover it.

What is the small pocket of jeans for? History pills

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THE Levi’s in particular, they always propose it but also many other brands make that small pocket appear here and there: why?

Its function actually sinks the spars in a particular historical context, the one in which i jeans were born.

In fact, we remind you that it was a workwear item, designed for people who certainly could not use the then noble coat. Where to put then the pocket watch?

It is in fact no coincidence that the small pocket it was originally called “Watch Pochet“: It was the place where, at the time when the wristwatch still had to land on the market, you could insert your pocket watch during working hours.

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The time then passed also for the jeans and the function of the pocket changed several times: we start calling it “coin pocket“, Using it to put money in, he later became”ticket pocket“, Because there was a ticket for public transport and the like, and in the era of sexual freedom there are those who nicknamed it”condom pocket“.

The experts of the Levi’s, pioneers in the world of the legendary pocket, explaining that it was born to be precise in 1973, thinking in particular of the cowboy who used to wear the pocket watch with the chain and put it in the leather vest. The small pocket therefore served not to damage or lose the watch during the most intense work moments.

“The first blue jeans had four pockets: only one in the back and, in the front, two plus the smaller one for the pocket watch. Originally included as a protection for pocket watches, hence the name, this extra case has performed many functions, evident in its many appellations: frontier pocket, condom pocket, coin pocket, match pocket and ticket pocket, only to name a few.

Not only is the pocket extremely useful for holding small trinkets, but it is also loved by denimheads for the faded and worn nature that it assumes over time. “

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Everyone can today of course use the small pocket as she sees fit, often even ignoring her, but she always remains there, ready to remind us of the long story from which our modern jeans come to life.

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And you, how do you use the pocket smaller than your jeans? Did you know its cunning origins? Who knows if you don’t pay attention to it now.

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