Slight decrease in all European markets


News Image (Teleborsa) – Milan is weak, in the wake of the other Euroland stock exchanges.L’Euro / US dollar shows a timid gain, with an advance of 0.27%. L’Gold the session continues on the eve levels, reporting a variation of + 0.11%. Oil (Light Sweet Crude Oil) plummeted 2.05%, falling to $ 33.02 per barrel.

Salt it spread, reaching +188 basis points, with an increase of 4 basis points, with the yield of the 10-year BTP equal to 1.44%.

Among the markets of the Old Continent prey to sellers Frankfurt, with a decrease of 1.11%, substantially weak London, which records a decline of 0.68%, and sales are focused on Paris, which suffers a drop of 0.88%.

Piazza Affari moves fractionally, with the FTSE MIB which is leaving 0.23% on the parterre, while, on the contrary, the FTSE Italia All-Share, which continues the session at 20.043 points, on the eve levels. In fractional progress the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (+ 0.35%), like the FTSE Italia Star (0.3%).

Positive result at Piazza Affari for the sectors telecommunications (+ 1.19%), utility (+ 1.05%) e average (+ 0.72%).

In the lower part of the ranking of the Italian share price list, significant decreases occur in the sectors household goods (-1.63%), raw material (-1.27%) e automotive (-1.17%).

Between best performers of Milan, in evidence Juventus (+ 2.93%), Is in the (+ 1.49%), BPER (+ 1.39%) e DiaSorin (+ 1.05%).

The worst performances, however, are recorded on Ferragamo, which gets -2.23%.

Sales on Moncler, which recorded a fall of 1.95%.

Negative sitting for Fiat Chrysler, which shows a 1.64% loss.

Under pressure CNH Industrial, which reports a drop of 1.59%.

Top of the list of medium capitalization stocks from Milan, Bank MPS (+ 7.55%), Mutuionline (+ 3.36%), Falck Renewables (+ 2.90%) e Bologna airport (+ 2.68%).

The worst performances, however, are recorded on Piaggio, which gets -2.58%.

slips Fincantieri, with a clear disadvantage of 1.77%.

In red Datalogic, which shows a marked drop of 1.67%.

The negative performance of Technogym, which drops 1.60%.

Between macroeconomic variables of greater weight, M3 data will be distributed at 10:00 am this morning of European Union (7.8% in expert estimates). The M3 aggregate includes all other financial assets such as bank and other deposits that cannot be transferred on demand by check, as well as all financial assets which, like money, can act as a store of value: bonds and government bonds maturing at short term.

Italy is expected toannouncement of the given GDP, expected this morning at 10:00, for which the insiders expect a value of -4.8%. GDP, Gross Domestic Product, indicates the value of goods and services produced in a year by a country’s economy. It is an important indicator of the state of the economy.

Italy is expected diffusion of the GDP data, expected this morning at 10:00 (expected value: -4.7%).

(AGI) 29-05-2020 09:30

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