Slap of Conte alla Meloni: forbids her to pay homage to the Unknown Soldier. And she is a fury: “Shame on you” – Time


Carlantonio Solimene

A real “yellow” marks the eve of the appointment called by the center-right for the June 2. According to what The weather has rebuilt, Giorgia Meloni had forwarded a request to the Prime Minister to be able to testify, together with Matteo Salvini is Antonio Tajani, a laurel wreath at the The Unknown Soldier.

The circumstance had not been disclosed to avoid gatherings, but the ceremony would presumably have been held in the late morning, long after the deposition of the crown of flowers by the President of the Republic. Then, while the leader of the Brothers of Italy still awaited an official response, from Palazzo Chigi some rumors about the refusal to oppose the request were reported.

‚ÄúRegardless of the reasons for the denial, which I don’t know, is it normal for journalists to be notified before us? These are the methods of Palazzo Chigi ¬Ľprotested Meloni. Then, around 8 pm yesterday, the Ministry of Defense sent an email to the managers of the Brothers of Italy to communicate that the request could not be accepted “because of a technical impossibility”.

Too bad that the law prohibits a contextual initiative to that of the Head of State, not later than two hours as had been proposed by Meloni. In any case, permission not granted and green light to controversy.

In the evening, Meloni returned to the topic with a long post on Facebook. “Let’s clarify – he wrote – For June 2 we organized a demonstration as a center-right not far from the Altare della Patria. Since it is the Republic Day, an anniversary that represents all Italians, we thought it was right to place a laurel wreath at the Unknown soldier. We presented the request to the competent Ministry, which forwarded it to Palazzo Chigi. At 6pm today we learned FROM THE NEWSPAPERS that the request was refused. Someone from Palazzo Chigi started calling all the journalists to tell that the the request had been refused because the flower laying was considered disrespectful to the President of the Republic who already lays it down to represent everyone. When the reporters warned began to call us, we knew nothing because we were still waiting for a response. it came to us at 8 pm. “No technical impossibility.” Moral: we just wanted to drop one laurel wreath in memory of the Unknown Soldier. If on that day it was not possible, or was not institutionally respectful, it was enough to say it. Instead, it was thought that this gesture of ours was also an opportunity to make propaganda against us. So the staff of the premier spent the afternoon calling all the newspapers to tell a version that served to discredit us, without anyone having ever talked about the matter with us. These are the methods of Palazzo Chigi at the time of the Conte / Casalino management. No respect, no loyalty, no rules. Only the extreme use of institutions as if they were a doormat. Shame”.

Very hard words, those of Meloni, who also attaches a photo of the document sent by the Ministry of Defense. How will Palazzo Chigi respond, if it answers?

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