Sky is still “Primafila day”: how to take advantage of the offer


Sky continues Primafila days, the initiative launched in early May. This week, customers have a longer “Primafila day” than the others.

Sky: the new “Primafila day” arrives (photo screenshot from Facebook)

As the Sky’s official website has let its customers know, this week’s “Primafila day” is longer than the others. Usually, Sky provides one day to download a film from the list of Primafila Cinema for free. This week, the offer is two days long. Sky had already announced yesterday the fourth Primafila day, but, to great surprise, customers subscribed to Sky Cinema and Sky Sport, will also be able today, Sunday 31 May, take advantage of the offer.

Over the Primafila days, Sky said, customers with a Cinema and Sport subscription will be able to rent a movie from the catalog Primafila Cinema for free. How can you take advantage of the offer? It is very simple: the 5 euro discount on the initiative is recognized on the first useful invoice (starting from July 2020).

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Sky: even today it is “Primafila day”

Sky Primafila
Sky announces the new Primafila Day (photo screenshot from Youtube)

As Sky lets all customers know, for this week the initiative lasts for two days: Saturday 30 May and Sunday 31 May. Customers with a Cinema and Sport subscription will be able to download the films in the “Primafila Cinema” category for free. The offer also includes films in “Primafila Premier” and collections (for example Harry Potter).

The initiative, as you know Sky, cannot be combined with other current promotions, except for the 1 euro discount for cinema customers.

Week by week, Sky will announce the dates for the next Primafila days. At the moment, as far as we learn, the initiative, initially designed for the month of May only, will be valid until including June.

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