SKY – Callejon, here’s what’s behind the farewell. Unless … sensational twists


The editorial team of Sky Sport has taken stock of the situation of Jos Callejon who will most likely say goodbye to Napoli.

The editorial team of Sky Sport took stock of the position of Josè Callejon, who will almost certainly say goodbye to Napoli at the end of the season unlike Mertens who has found a general agreement to remain in the blue. The satellite broadcaster reveals some background on the non-renewal of the former Iberian player Real Madrid: “There are those who stay and those who leave. Despite everything: seven seasons in blue 336 appearances and 80 goals. Josè Maria Callejon, also like Mertens expiring in June, but unlike the Belgian, his history with Napoli, less than sensational twists and starts towards the conclusion“.

It also adds: “Matter of supply and demand, because the market does not derogate from its principles. The parties are too far apart, a farewell without controversy and perhaps with a bit of regret by scrolling the numbers of the Spaniard: second behind Hamšík for the number of appearances in the history of the blue foreigners, at least 20 more games than any other player in the last seven years played in Seria A. Without forgetting the assists: 71. Player with unique characteristics. It will be difficult to replace it even if Gattuso still has good solutions in his hand, starting with Politano, and still a long time to find an alternative. “

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