Skoda Enyaq iV, test for over 2 million km in 5 Continents – Trials and News


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Fatigue tests are underway on five continents in view of the start of production in the coming months: the specially disguised Skoda Enyaq iV prototypes are preparing to travel over two million kilometers. This real marathon involves special cycles both in the harshest climates, with temperatures up to minus 30 °, and in the most arid deserts with maxima well above 40 ° C. Cars must pass unscathed areas with very high humidity and dusty roads , as well as snowy or icy surfaces during Arctic tests. An important part of the fatigue and tuning tests also takes place on normal roads open to traffic. The complete camouflage of the bodywork is necessary to protect technical innovations brought to the debut by the new model from prying eyes. This is why in certain areas of the vehicle, especially at the front and rear, hairpieces are often applied which completely disguise the volumes and the performance of the sheet metal or the glass. In the same way, the interior is also completely protected by using both fabric coverings and panels that can conceal the instrumentation or displays from view during the necessary technical stops, and then be easily removed once on the move.

The ‘camouflage’ artists in Skoda are responsible for defining and making the films and the elements with which the bodywork will be covered. The choice of colors, shapes and combinations is free and sometimes used to conceal specific hashtags or to create combinations of great impact, such as during the Kodiaq suv catwalk during the final stage of the 2016 Tour de France on the Champs élysées or before the launch of the fourth Octavia generation in 2019, with a social activity that involved the citizens of Prague in a photographic “hunt” for the new model. In recent weeks, the prototypes most easily spotted around the Skoda Auto headquarters are those of the new electric SUV Enyaq iV, whose camouflage has involved more than 120 hours of work and about 18 square meters of film for each vehicle used. Enyaq iV will be unveiled during 2020 and will arrive on international markets in 2021, but for camouflage specialists there will be no breaks, by the end of 2022 Skoda will launch 10 models of the iV family, electric or electrified.


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