Six directors of the RSA of Genoa investigated – Chronicle


Six people are investigated as part of the culpable epidemic investigation opened by the Genoa prosecutor’s office for the deaths in the provincial RSA. These are the medical directors of the Anni Azzurri Sacra Famiglia Residence in Rivarolo, the Rehabilitation Center, Don Orione Paverano, La Camandolina, the San Camillo Residence and the Torriglia Protected Residence in Chiavari. This morning, the Nas carabinieri and the military of the finance guard, coordinated by the assistant prosecutor Francesco Pinto, searched the structures and acquired IT and documentary material relating to the hospitalizations of patients in structures where, in the period February – April 2020, mortality was far above the average of previous years in the same period. The prosecutor’s investigation hypothesizes the crime of culpable epidemic.

In Milan following a complaint by the ADL Cobas Lombardia, the Prosecutor, as a due act, has opened a fact sheet, without hypothesis of crime or investigated at the moment, on the construction of the anti-Covid hospital in the pavilions of the Fair.


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