“Sindaca, Rome and the children can no longer wait”


Phase 2 for the play areas never started. The limitations instituted to contain the spread of Covid 19 are still valid for public spaces intended for children.

Forbidden areas

Swings, slides, spring games, remain off limits. The Capitol has not taken any steps back on this issue, nor is there any intention of doing so at the moment. For this reason, four municipal councilors for the environment have decided to take pen and paper to write an appeal. They turned to the Mayor to reiterate that “Rome and its children cannot wait any longer”. It is therefore necessary to withdraw the ordinance that, so far, has prevented families from bringing the children to play in the equipped play areas.

The end of schools

“We are not the ones who have to tell you what the isolation from Covid was for the children, but perhaps we must describe the scenario that we will have in front of us when the distance school lessons will also end,” assessors Anna Vincenzoni wrote in their appeal. Rosario Fabiano, Francesco Pieroni and Michele Centorrino, councilors for the environment of the municipalities I, II, III and VIII. These are the four proximity agencies which, in Rome, are led by the center-left.

The neighborhood gardens

The scenario to be referred to is that of the near future. In a little more than two weeks distance teaching will in fact be interrupted. As the summer holidays begin, the pupils will consequently have one less opportunity to stay in touch. The children will experience “a further detachment of children from their daily lives and their friendships, a newspaper made up of small things and small worlds” said the 4 councilors. Also for this reason it will be necessary to pay attention to the social space that is represented by the “neighborhood gardens”.

The invitation to withdraw the order

This is where the swings are located, the slides. And it is always there, “in these realities that can be reached by parents and grandparents easily without having to move by car” that the first friendships are cultivated. They play an important role in a child’s relationship life. “And that is why we write to you and ask you to prepare an intervention plan for sanitation as soon as possible and finally return the play areas to the children” suggest Vincenzoni, Fabiano, Pieroni and Centorrino.

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The necessary sanitisations

The government guidelines provide that “specific maintenance and periodic control activities as well as cleaning and checking the hygiene conditions of the furnishings and equipment available” must be guaranteed. The first citizen, however, clarified, with an ordinance, that the sanitation plan “cannot be implemented at the moment”. Meanwhile, time passes and the summer holidays are approaching. At that point, after classes are finished, the children will have one less reason to remain confined within their homes.

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