“Since arriving at the Champions League, my two years of Inter Milan. By ambition, today I would also be 6 years old”


Exactly ten years ago, Inter raised the Champions League in the sky of Madrid and celebrated a treble legendary. At the Gazzetta dello Sport, José Mourinho he remembers those days that entered the history of world football starting from his arrival in Milan.

You arrived at Inter laughing and making you laugh (“I’m not idiot”) and went crying and making you cry, embraced Materazzi: more victories or more feelings?

“I gave the best in my career where I was at home, where I felt the emotions of my group, where I was two hundred percent with my heart: more a person than a coach. This is why in Madrid I was happier to live the happiness of others – from Moratti to the last of the storekeepers – of my own happiness: I had already won a Champions League. I happened to think first of me than of others: at Inter, never. This happens in a family : when you become a father, you understand that someone is more important than you, and you move into second place “.

Did you scream more in Bergamo, in the Kiev interval or after Catania?

“In Catania I was disqualified, I waited for them in the bus and my head was a little colder: I said all day later … In Kiev it was warmer:” We can be eliminated, but not so “. And after” so “, it was a very violent five minutes. But then we changed the chip and together we went to the end. And in any case, the most difficult day of the season was after the draw in Florence “.

More turning point in Kiev or London?

“For the Champions League, Kiev: at 85 ‘we were out, if you change your destiny to 4’ it is always a key moment. But Rome was also fundamental on 5 May: the dream was the Champions League, the championship was an obligation winning the Italian Cup was like telling us “And one, let’s move on to the second one.” I like to see that game with one of my assistants, Giovanni Cerra, ill with Roma: he is still crying … “.

And which of the three “finals” instead suffered the most?

“I didn’t want to play that of the Italian Cup: the anthem of Rome before the game, I came to provoke” Stop the music or we’ll go. “In Siena I was afraid: six days later there was the great final, I was afraid they wouldn’t play that game as a final. Zero to zero in the 45th minute, Roma won 2-0, in the locker room a tremendous heat, I did not understand how to help the team turn tactically. It was very hard, and it never ended. I said: “A I’d like to win a championship last day. “On that day I said,” Never again “”.

Is it true to say that the Inter Champions League was born in Manchester in March 2009?

“Yes, because that day we said clearly that Inter’s quality was enough to win the Scudetto, not the Champions League. We had to change tactically too. The players inside the locker room were sad, none of us were crying outside: I, Moratti, Branca and Oriali we were already talking about the highest defensive line, of players suitable for at least two game systems, of the profiles we needed, who could stay “.

And in late July, in Boston, he would have said goodbye to Ibrahimovic.

“But the mess happened first, in Pasadena, on the day of the friendly against Chelsea. He had been catching up for days:” Ibra goes to Barcelona, ​​he doesn’t go to Barcelona “, he as a super professional who played 45 ‘, but then in the locker room he said: “I’m going, I have to win the Champions League.” My Italian assistants were dead – “Without him it will be impossible to win” – the teammates did not want to lose him. I was worried too, but I came out like this: “Maybe you go and we will win” I had been a little crazy, but in the locker room it changed the atmosphere. Then I said to Branca: “If he wants to go to Barcelona, ​​let’s try to take Eto’o.” He and Milito could tactically give a diversity to the team. ”

Sneijder gave the other difference?

“Tactical diversity. Someone was needed to tie the midfield to two strikers with tremendous mobility, he was perfect. At one point I was no longer hoping, but the first option was him and Branca said to me:” Don’t give up, let’s put pressure on Moratti together From that day on I called Moratti every day: “We need Wes, Wes, Wes” “.

If he had to say which was his perfect Inter: that of the derby won 4-0?

“Close to perfection: crazy goals, total control, AC Milan, AC Milan, also psychologically destroyed. But the symbol of my Inter match is the last one: because we won it before playing it and it is not normal that in a final of Champions everyone, not just the coach, feel so strong that they have everything under control. ”

Was that Inter, together with Real, the team furthest from the defensive Mourinho label?

“The iconic game of the defensive Mourinho was that of the Camp Nou, but that Barcelona had lost 3-1 at San Siro and we had earned the right to go and play with them as we wanted. And if Pandev had not been injured in the warm-up , we would have played with Pandev, Sneijder, Eto’o and Milito “.

At the Camp Nou he took the time to go to Guardiola to tell him something.

“When Busquets fell almost stunned I was diagonally between our bench, theirs and the point where Thiago Motta was expelled. Out of the corner of my eye I see the Barcelona bench celebrating as if they had already won, Guardiola calling Ibra for talk about tactics: tactics in 11 against 10 … I just said to him: “Don’t party, this game is not over” “.

Why didn’t you return to Milan with the team?

“Because if I had returned, with the team around and the fans who would have sung” José stay with us “, maybe I would never have left. I had not already signed with Real before the final: who said that someone from Real came in our hotel before the final said a shit. Before the final it just happened that I discovered the box with the celebratory shirts and ran away not to see them. I wanted to go to Real: he wanted me already the year before, I went to Moratti’s house to tell him and he stopped me, “Don’t go.” At Real I had already said no when I was at Chelsea, at Real you can’t say no three times. Today maybe I could stay 4-5-6 years in the same club, but then I wanted to be the first – and I am still the only one among the coaches – to have won the national title in England, Italy and Spain. So I said to myself: “I am here two days, I sign the contract and I go to Milan when I can no longer go back” “.

So it was only to win, not for the noise of the enemies …

“One hundred percent ambition. The noise of the enemies, who then wept, was beautiful: the tremor of the noise was stronger, and if you think about it it is the same thing: when there is noise it is because there is fear”.

For some time and more than once, after leaving Inter Milan, he said: “One day I will come back”. Why did you stop saying that?

“I know why he is asking me this question. But I’m not idiot …”.

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