Silvia Romano, on her Facebook page “likes” pages that praise “pro-Turkish propaganda and Islamist suprematism”


Studying the profile Facebook of Silvia Romano it turns out that out of 27 “likes” of the cooperant, 18 are attributable to Islamic environment, according to an analysis carried out between 24 and 27 May. The issue reveals it online newspaper which indicates that this interest is towards a political Islamism well known in Italy and also for some radical and controversial preachers.

First of all there is a “like” towards the page “We are proud to be Muslim”; so far nothing strange if it were not for the fact that on this page the religious content is mixed with heavy pro-Turkish propaganda and violent verbal attacks against the Egyptian President Abdelfattah al-Sisi, against Israel, against the Saudi royalty and against Bashar al-Assad. In other Roman likes, they appear Nouman Ali Khan, controversial preacher accused of harassment in September 2017. Another page that “likes” Romano is that of Zakir Naik, apologist of Islamist suprematism in favor of corporal punishment towards women, sexual intercourse with “slaves” and who was denied entry to the UK and Canada.

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