Silvia Romano and his “likes” to Islamists and radical preachers


Interesting elements emerge on Facebook ‘s profile Silvia Romano, in particular as regards the so-called “I like it“clicked by the user, only 27, of which 18 attributable to the Islamic sphere, according to an analysis carried out between 24 and 27 May. An interesting aspect, given that the elements do not only show an interest in Islam in general, but in particular towards a political islamism well known in Italy and also for some radical and controversial preachers. But it is good to proceed in order.

First there is a “like” to the “We are proud to be Muslim“; so far nothing strange if it were not for the fact that on this page the religious content is mixed with heavy pro-Turkish propaganda and violent verbal attacks against the Egyptian president Abdelfattah al-Sisiagainst Israel, against Saudi royalty and against Bashar al-Assad; a content often accompanied by rambling conspiracy theories such as the former ISIS leader’s al Mossad membership, al-Baghdadi or Bin Laden at the CIA with the respective names of Simon Elliot and Tim Osman.

There is a lot of material collected and here are some examples: a post of April 23 shows the Saudi prince Mohammad Bin Salaman al-Saud with the inscription “You are cursed” and the comment “Lto cursed Saudi family have opened everything in the sacred land of Islam, night clubs, clubs, pubs, discos and cocktail bars concerts, celebrates Halloween and they say that everything is halal .. “

In a post of January 29, 2019 the page managers, annoyed by the Marayah Carey concert in Saudi Arabia, write: “Mariah Carey, in concert in Saudi Arabia the concert scheduled for next Thursday in Jeddah which is about 70 km away from the Masjid al-Haram Mecca .. May Allah curse and unleash his anger against the Saudi Zionist family you serve Satan ‘. Who knows if Romano has seen it?

In a post of May 22, 2020, Egyptian President Al-Sisi is accused of destroying 35 mosques in Alexandria, with a comment: “Allah the Most High says: Who is more unjust than who prevents His name from being mentioned in the mosques of Allah and who, indeed, tries to destroy them? For them there will be ignominy in this life and a terrible punishment in the other “.

Accusations also against the Indian president Modi, defined “terrorist” and again against al-Sisi and the Saudi and Emirati rulers, defined “servants of Satan”, “cursed” and “worst enemies of Islam”. Disturbing content also against American President Donald Trump: “announces a painful punishment to the hypocrites “.

The reference to wanting to delete Israel from the map with a comment is inevitable “Palestine. No Israel ” and a series of posts praising the Turkish President Erdogan and the former Egyptian Islamist president Mohamed Morsy, called “martyr”.

Returning to the likes of Romano, they appear Nouman Ali Khan, a controversial preacher accused in September 2017 of harassment, inappropriate conversations with women and spiritual abuse to the point that even a committee of North American Islamic leaders spoke out against Khan.

Another page that “likes” Romano is that of Zakir Naik, apologist of Islamist suprematism in favor of corporal punishment towards women, sexual intercourse with “slaves” and who was denied entry to the UK and Canada. His sermons have also been banned in several countries including India and Bangladesh. Among other things, Zakir Naik also appears on the aforementioned Facebook page “We are proud to be Muslim” with a lot of writing “Their war against Islam is doomed to fail. If Islam were not the true religion of Allah, it would already be extinct. “

Another character with a lot of “like” from Romano is Yusuf Estes, a former Christian preacher who converted to Islam and is now considered a hate preacher near Zakir Naik. Then there is the “like” on the page “Nquran“, site of Islamic Islamist doctrine Salafi totally in Arabic.

Leaving the radical preachers and moving towards the other “likes”, a series of Roman preferences immediately emerge for Italian political Islamism, first of all theIslamic Association of Milan, nothing but the Cascina Gobba mosque, defined by Maher Kabakebbji, Sumaya Abdel Qader’s father-in-law, “the mosque closest to your home”, during a video invitation to go to the mosque made in Silvia a few days after his release . Sumaya Abdel Qader is a municipal councilor of the Milanese PD and has already ended up at the center of controversy for his previous role in Fioe, recognized by the magistrate Guido Salvini as a group connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. Abdel Qader’s husband, Abdallah Kabakebbjji, had instead distinguished himself for a post on Facebook where he wrote that he wanted to apply the “Ctrl + Alt + Del” procedure to the State of Israel.

Another page that Roman likes is “Muslims in Italy“, where images of various characters related to the Ucoii area appear, such as President Yassine Lafram, the former member of the Caim Yassine Baradei, Aboulkheir Breigheche (imam of Trento, who appeared in photos in the mosque together with a group of faithful including two Balkan jihadists then enlisted in ISIS by Bilal Bosnic and who had recently defended the Turkish offensive in Syria), but also Roberto Hamza Piccardo, also well known for his apology towards polygamy.

Among the other “likes” there is also the one on the page of Hind Lafram, Islamic fashion designer appreciated by Boldrini and sister of the aforementioned President Ucoii Yassine Lafram but also two pages of al-Jazeera, a Qatari television station, considered close to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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