Silent Hill, Masahiro Ito repeats the PS5 reveal: what does it mean?


On June 4th, at 10 pm Italian time, Sony will hold the highly anticipated title presentation event SS5, thus kicking off the next-gen (pending release in stores).

Needless to say, the speculations on which games we will see next Thursday have quickly invaded social networks and forums around the world, although now also Masahiro Ito, the designer and illustrator of the series silent Hill, has decided to put the proverbial ‘flea in the ear’ of players around the world.

In fact, Ito has retweeted the announcement of the PS5 event, something that could suggest that the author knows something that at the moment cannot be disclosed. For months there have been rumors and speculations about the announcement of a new one silent Hill, perhaps to be released in conjunction with the launch of PlayStation 5 scheduled for the end of the year.

Already on April 10, the insider Dusk Golem had announced that a new chapter in the survival horror series had been in development for over a year and a half at the Siren team in Japan Studio (Sony’s first-party team).

The news would also link in any case to Kojima’s recent statements about rumors about the purchase of the intellectual property of Metal Gear and (precisely) silent Hill.

Finally, remember that the horror saga of Konami is the protagonist of the new DLC of Dead by Daylight, available from now.

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