Sicily, 5 regional councilors leave the M5s and found a new project. Among them is the vice president of Ars: “I won’t resign”


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“Traitors? If anything, betrayed. ” After months of internal tensions, five deputies of the Sicilian Ars have decided to leave the 5 star movement in controversy with their group. A split accompanied by the launch of a new “project”: “We are not a party, but we are not even a movement,” said the deputy from Agrigento during the press conference Matteo Mangiacavallo. Spilled as well as Angela Foti, Elena Pagana, Valentina Palmeri is Sergio Tancredi. They are the faces of the newborn Activate Sicily. That already from the name – which wants to recall the activism of its origins – launches the challenge to what, according to the splinters, “has become the 5-star movement in recent years”. And it is no coincidence that the chosen logo, an A without a central bar, recalls the V of the Movement upside down. “The M5s program, net of press releases, has remained only a statement,” he attacked Angela Foti. The regional deputy – whose election a vice president of the Ars with the votes of the center-right it caused many discontent within the 5 stars – he spoke of a “necessary” choice: “There was no more dialogue or the possibility of confronting the issues. When we tried, we were told more or less covertly where the exit door was. ” Foti denied that during this period there have been “real meetings within the M5s”. But he revealed that the group was contacted by email “from Vito Crimi who wanted to reflect and understand what was happening “.

Shortly thereafter, the note came from M5s MEPs at the Ars who apologized to the Sicilians on behalf of their former colleagues: “They had left to change politics, they ended up changing shirts”, the note reads. “They betrayed the mandate that the Sicilians had entrusted to him. Time will tell if the majority sirens or other targets were behind their choice. If they were not really in the group or in the Movement anymore, they could have demonstrated it with a single gesture, resignation, continuing to do politics as ordinary citizens. Precisely that of the step backwards is a hypothesis already rejected by Foti herself: “I do not intend to resign as deputy or vice president of the Ars because the office was given to me by Parliament. Anyone who spoke of an injustice hoped for the vote of the same people who eventually decided to vote for me. It seems to me a slight hypocrisy dictated by personal resentments “.

Divorce from the group, which from 20 to 15 deputies, comes after eight years in which the 5-star movement was the first party on the island, despite never managing to govern. And among the reasons that led to the breakdown there was precisely the relationship with those who have been driving Sicily for three years: In the Musumeci. In fact, from the beginning, Foti and colleagues claimed the right to open a communication channel with the majority, while the rest of the deputies remained firm in the role of opponent. “The M5s to which we have contributed with devotion has lost the role of the balance needle, it has become a palace game,” said Foti. “As if to say: ‘We don’t do the right thing because, if we do the right thing, someone else takes credit for it.”

Even more than the decision to abstain when voting on the regional financial (Sergio Tancredi even voted in favor), the hottest moment of the fight against the pentastellates occurred in November. When the long-awaited waste reform arrived at Ars. A very short landing, because the secret vote – asked by the M5s among others – has sunk the bill. “That represented a real fracture for us,” said Foti. “The choice of secret ballot was not agreed upon and favored that dark, faceless side that is interested in blocking a necessary reform.”

The splinter group is made up of deputies from the second term (except the only one Elena Pagana which is instead the first round in the regional Parliament), but deny that theirs is a political calculation to be able to apply again. “Over the years, the trust that people have given us has been betrayed. We ended up thinking about surviving ourselves, we started to badly mimic the other parties, “said Foti. The return to the origins will pass through the maintenance of one of the strong points of the Grillino creed: the return of part of the salaries. “We will continue to cut the allowances and donate the money saved to the projects that will be indicated to us by the territory. The only thing we ask – they conclude – is time, we want to go back to being the needle of the balance in the exclusive interest of the Sicilians “.

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