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Carlantonio Solimene

They will be fiery holidays for the Italians. And not only because they will have to deal with all the restrictions imposed by the emergency Coronavirus, but also because the possible limits imposed on the movement of citizens some regions (read Lombardy) have already detonated an unprecedented institutional clash between the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala and the governor of Sardinia Christian Solinas.

At the origin there is the announcement of some regional presidents, including Solinas, of wanting to claim a certificate of negativity by vacationers who come from the areas most affected by the pandemic. A hypothesis that has not gone down in Sala. “I think it is wrong to discriminate the Italians by region of origin – said the mayor of Milan – and I would never go on vacation where a virus negative test is required. It will mean that we will remember who asked us … “.

Sala: I will remember those who ask Milanese tourists for immunity licenses

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A warning that hasn’t gone down to Solinas. Who replied rhymes. “Hall on Coronavirus should use the decency of silence after his notorious public aperitifs in full epidemic“attacked the Sardinian governor. To then insist:” No one asked for improbable immunity licenses, but a simple certificate of negativity. “The closure is poison:” That of Sala is yet another unfortunate exploitation to seek a media limelight , in other ways, it already belongs to him on this subject and we will hardly forget “.

It certainly does not end here. For now, a certainty. If Coronavirus was to make Italians better, it certainly didn’t do it with some politicians. Happy holiday!

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