Shot from space for Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon


An incredible image of the rocket Falcon 9 and the spacecraft Crew Dragon of SpaceX, in the historic launch platform 39A of the Kennedy space center in Florida, taken from the satellite WorldView-3 of Maxar.

The photo, taken from space on May 23, as reported by Maxar, portrays the moment when astronauts Behnken is Hurley they were on the launch site for a rehearsal. During the test the two astronauts, wearing the space suits made by SpaceX, they reached the launch pad on board one Tesla Model X and entered the Crew Dragon capsule for the latest exercises.

The historic launch of the May 27, when 9 years after the last flight Shuttle, a human crew will be launched from the ground of the United States, for the first time on board a carrier developed by a private company.

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